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BeBarefaced Ltd.

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BeBarefaced Ltd.

Suite 3 Enterprise House

Bicester, Oxfordshire

United Kingdom

OX26 4LD

0830 - 1730

Mon - Fri

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Second Purchase

This is the second bottle I’ve bought, I’ve had some dry skin issues recently and this really helps get rid of dry flakey patches when used under my moisturiser!

Brilliant moisturizer.

I love this moisturizer very good at moisturizing,my skin is super sensitive so happy I found this.

lovely cleanser.

This cleanser is absolutely amazing I have extremely sensitive skin and this is so gentle but effective.

Oil review

The oil goes on beautifully and is very hydrating! Used for 3 days and no allergic reaction!

Glowy Goodness

I tried my rice oil mask last night & woke up this morning positively glowing! I even got comments from my colleagues about how fresh I looked. My skin looks brighter & smoother. The mask itself feels lovely & my skin absorbed a lot of it before I washed it off. I would definitely recommend this if you want a skin booster as part of your skincare routine.


Really like this balm. Have been using it on some rough patches and it has worked well and feels soothing. It is also good as a lip balm and for hands. At first it seems greasy but then it just sinks in.

Anti Blemish Exfoliating Wash

As this is recommended to be used twice daily I expected it to be more like a normal face wash. I certainly could not tolerate using it twice a day as it is too aggressive. As an exfoliater I like it, but II don't think I will continue using it every day.

Great Products!

I was massively frustrated with breakouts and BeBarefaced was recommended by a friend with a similar skin type. The products work wonderfully. I just wish the bottles were bigger and cheaper BUT I would pay the same price again as the products work beautifully for me.

Facial wash - my skin feels clean but not dried out, amazingly the blackheads on my nose are disappearing.
The toner - doesn't leave a yucky residue but a fresh feeling.
The moisturiser - I was little concerned at first as it is rather creamy but I quickly learned a little is just enough to spread across my face.
The Night oil - Dab a little on an aggressive spot and after a couple of days it vanished.
I will be re-purchasing.

Best oil ever

You would be stupid not to get, this oil sinks into the skin all night and leaves face feeling so smooth and soft! I’ve been using this for about 3 months and I’ve still got half a bottle left and I use this every night! I love it

Fab for oily, acne prone skin

I’ve always struggled with looking shiny / greasy when applying moisturiser , but this product has made it much less noticeable . A little goes a long way and my spots/blemishes seem to be improving (I’m also using the overnight gel) .

Great for oily, acne prone skin

I’ve always struggled with my skin , although the acne has calmed down with age I still get flare ups and blemishes. My skin was in a bad patch so I bought the overnight gel and also the anti blemish moisturiser. It’s made such a difference , even in only a few days ! Such a good price and it really works for me.

The perfect overnight mask!

I use this mask once or twice a week and always wake up to better looking skin! I have noticed reduced redness from blemishes and my face feels hydrated, which is all I could ask. I deviate from the directions by not wiping away the excess before bed and really feel I get the most out of it this way.


I love this milky cleanser it really helps my rosacea it makes my skin feel so soft and clean if you have sensitive skin or rosacea then I would definitely recommend this for I have tried a lot of cream and cleansers and this is the best

Rice Oil Mask, delightful

The smell when you take the lid off the pot transports you from bathroom to scent garden. It glides over your skin and without feeling greasy or heavy. After 10mins it washes off easily leaving your skin feeling petal smooth. I didn't feel the need to put on moisturiser till the next day and the pot will last for a long time. I bought it to help reduce/slow sun damage to my skin and give my skin a boost at the grand age of 35. My skin doesn't react well to chemically products. The BeBarefaced range is a fab discovery, only wish there was a way to send back containers for a refill option.

Amazing products!

I have been using Barfaced products since I got some as a gift at Christmas and wow!!! The products are incredible and really do work wonders. As a mid-20, I really struggle at the moment with hormonal spots around my chin so I bought the misbehaving skin pack and it’s clearing it up no end!!! The mud mask was sent from the gods. Love it all, thanks!

Happy Customer

Easy online order process, delivery came in time stated.


The best cleanser I've used in years and years. My skin feels revived.

Brightening Bundle

Firstly the mineral cleansing balm is a game changer for me I love how it melts away all the grime and make up of the day . It’s smells divine and works like a dream as well as being gentle to my sensitive skin .
Secondly the rice oil mask does exactly what it says on the package it brightened and balanced my skin which had been playing up after a chest infection , made me feel normal again.
Thirdly the vitamin C and E corrective oil this is brilliant if you have any old red marks from old spots or scars that won’t fade . I have used this from marks on my face to a scratch on my leg . I am convinced it’s miracle oil it helps fade, heal and sooth any marks or scraps , but above all the oil applied at night works wonders when I wake. I have a cupboard full of all the Bebarefaced products and I would never go back to my very expensive old brand .


Love this overnight mask it really helps me my skin is very sensitive and I have roscea and this is the best mask I have found


I suffer from dry skin and use the hyaluronic acid with the BeBarefaced rose cleanser - within a day my skin feels more hydrated, brighter, supple and refreshed. I would recommend this to anyone.

Best Face Mask

Love this face mask... great product.

Excellent Skin Care

I'm new to be bare face products and I have noticed my skin looks so much better. Smells lovely and I will be a regular user of the products. Nice to find a decent vegan face care range


Been using for over a week & seeing results - smoother/clearer skin - is lovely to use

Great Mask!

The best mask I ever tried!

Amazing product

I really really like the Vitamin C & E Face Oil!