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BeBarefaced Ltd.

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BeBarefaced Ltd.

Suite 3 Enterprise House

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United Kingdom

OX26 4LD

0830 - 1730

Mon - Fri

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Rose Cleanser

Love this cleanser.It smells divine and leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed.
My skin is ultra sensitive, especially to washes, but I have had no problems even around eyes.

So glad I found this product!

Lovely smell and makes my face feel really smooth and clean without being too drying. Would definitely recommend!

A great product.

I’ve been using this moisturiser for a week now and I’m very happy with it. No more blocked pours! Just soft smooth feeling skin.

A lovely creamy mask leaving the skin baby soft!

I love this pamper mask 😍 I put it on when relaxing in front of the tele, and sleep for about a good 7 hours with it on and wake up to soft lucious skin looking like and feeling like I'm 22; I'm 36... ;) it's not a miracle, but it works and it's friendly and natural in this world of constant cosmetic changing products that claim to make you younger; yeah, dream on and use this to smooth and nourish your good looks in an environmentally friendly way and show it off to the world!!


I have always suffered with large pores & have tried many different toners, to no avail. But finally I've found one that makes a noticeable difference to my skin! It's gentle & has not only shrunk my pores but has evened my skin tone. And that's just within 2 weeks of use!! It's going to be a beauty must-have from now on.

I love this night Oil!

I highly recommend this night Oil. My skin feels softer and slightly plumper in the mornings. It’s also helped my breakouts. Since I started using it, the few spots I had have calmed right down - so if you have an acne prone skin like me, you don’t need to be afraid of using an oil. In fact, in my experience my skin has done better since I stopped stripping it with harsh products and treated it more like a sensitive skin type. Bebarefaced products are a favourite of mine and I love that they are not loaded with chemicals!


I’ve been struggling with acne and the texture of my skin for YEARS and this is the first facewash that makes me feel 100% clean and gives my face a really smooth texture. I use it together with the moisturizer and already after a week I’m feeling the difference.


Products are great and clearing up my skin already. One part of the bundle was out of stock but Kate dealt with it really well and I’m totally happy with the service :-)

Really nice

Lovely smelling oil, leaving the skin glowing and healthy

Super soft skin!

This product is amazing! I’ve been using it for a few days & can already see the difference in skin tone & softness. I’ll be buying it again along with some other BeBarefaced products very soon! Fantastic.


Used the mask twice now and my skin wakes up feeling as soft as a baby's backside. Love

Really lovely!

Bought this lovely toner when i was have skin issues, my skin was very sore and dry from over exfoliating and thought I'd give a rose based product a go. Im so glad i did as its so gentle, smells beautiful and leaves my skin soft and refreshed. Would definately get this again and its improving my skin well :)

Gel has really helped!

This gel has really helped improve my skin.

Rice oil mask

Was recommended and my skin definitely felt more soft and silky
after use.

Only use it twice and already my skin looks different

Just lovely

I purchased this toner a few weeks ago and have used it twice a day as recommended. It leaves your skin feeling beautifully clean but hydrated unlike some toners leave the skin. I’m about to make my second purchase 💕

Calms my skin

I've been suffering with breakouts and redness of my skin, particularly my forehead and cheeks. I've tried so many different products to try and help and this is the only thing that seems to make any difference and it calms the redness. I use it with the anti blemish moisturiser as this seems to calm the break outs.

Misbehaving skin bundle

I have oily, acne prone skin, despite being in my 30s, and have tried many products over the years to help. I am so glad I found out about these products!! - I am loving using the skin bundle, the cleanser is a little harsh but I am still finding ok to use twice daily, and it makes my skin feel super soft. The toner is very light and seems to absorb well into my skin. The moisturiser is very creamy and feels so luxurious! I like that they all contain salicylic acid to help fight spots :) very happy I decided to purchase!

Does help my skin

I've been having issues with my skin over the past six months with really painful break outs and I'm 34. I've tried so many creams and cleansers and just ended up with red skins and breakouts. I have been using the cream cleanser and the anti blemish moisturiser together and they haven't cured the issue but have definitely helped.

Not bad

It's yet to help with my dry patches but the rest of my face feels nice and smooth.

Promising..wish they had larger bottle options

I have adult onset acne. Have been using this bundle for about a month. I have seen an improvement in the severity of my breakouts.. fewer large, scarring breakouts. I have seen a small increase in the number but they have been tiny ( not even red and angry) bumps... will update if this was a temporary transition thing. Only wish there were larger options..I use the products on chest and back as well so they do not last very long and I've already had to reorder.

Fantastic product - I love it

A fantastic produkt that softens my skin and leaves it smooth and tight.

Great products

I have only been using this range for a week and I really like the products and my skin seems to like them too! I especially like the exfoliating lotion and the moisturiser. Will definately buy these products again.

Excellent product

Felt so light on my skin and once removed my skin definitely felt fresher

Works quickly

Bought for my son who finds it easy to use and likes it. See improvement /less spots within first few days of use. Using Anti Blemish over night Gel too.
Delivered quickly but packaging poor items loose and package open. Lucky items hasn't fallen out.