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BeBarefaced Ltd.

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BeBarefaced Ltd.

Suite 3 Enterprise House

Bicester, Oxfordshire

United Kingdom

OX26 4LD

0830 - 1730

Mon - Fri

Latest Reviews

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As always a happy customer iv even ordered the advent calendar and lots of other bare faced items to make a hamper for my daughter

Great moisturiser

Not too heavy and is lasting for ages! I’ve had almost no blemishes since using it.


I love this cream and the brand in general. Great online ordering system!

A gentle but thorough mask

This has really helped my skin stay clear in a time of hormonal changes. I’m pleasantly surprised how much you can get out of the pot and it’s easy to apply and rinse off, leaving my skin feeling fresh but not dried out!

Instantly calms skin

My skin in sensitive and prone to achne around my chin and neck. This moisturiser instantly calms my skin down when I'm having a flare up and has significantly reduced the serverity of them. After doing a lot of research into skin this one of the few brands that have none of the crap and are vegan and cruelty free.. I love them! X

It’s helped me!

I am so happy to reply with a review! I had never heard of BeBarefaced until I broke out with acne after having a facial. Unfortunately since this facial my skin has never been the same and for months I was trying products to rectify my skin. Pretty much everything was making my face worse or producing extreme redness in the spots. Since finding out about your products, my face has started to calm down and I feel less self conscious in my facial appearance. The overnight gel is a miracle worker for read spots and the anti- blemish bundle is my life saver. My skin might not be 100% perfect but the products work for me and more importantly give me my confidence back.

So thank you! I will recommend your products to everyone!

Anti blemish moisturiser

Great and non greasy

Great, I can see a difference already.

I've only been using these products for 2 days, but already I can see a difference in my skin. The overnight gel is fantastic, and the exfoliating wash is mild enough to be used twice daily without drying. The moisturiser is great too, and I've only had to use a small amount because it spreads so well. I can't say how well it will work long-term, but at the moment I am very impressed.

Milky cleanser

I have super sensitive skin and this is the best cleanser I’ve used for a long long time! It does seem quite drying and my skin feels tight after use however I pair it with the BeBarefaced anti wrinkle moisturiser which instantly hydrates my skin. I had quite an uneven complexion and breakouts, however within a couple of weeks using this cleanser morning and night it has evened out my complexion and breakouts have healed nicely. I’m not too keen on the smell but it doesn’t last and I love the amount of natural, organic ingredients. Love having the confidence that the products I use are cruelty free! 🐇

BeBarefaced moisturiser

Love this moisturiser, it has smoothed my complexion and makes my skin feel soft. Deep wrinkles have been noticeably smoothed out and maintains hydration all day! Its given me the confidence to go barefaced much more often. I love how the ingredients are natural and organic. I will definitely be buying again! :)

Soft as a baby’s bum!

Wonderful wonderful wonderful stuff!

It’s great!

I’ve never used toner before so I’ve gone ahead and taken the plunge! I have not been disappointed! My face feels softer and make make up seems to go on better!


Light moisturiser, easily absorbed. I have rosacea and this works incredibly well on my skin.

So far so good

Using the BeBarefaced Vitamin C + E Face oil for a few days now and the results are promising. My skin is hydrated, supple and the breakouts are healing nicely. It’s too early to give a full review, however I’m happy with the initial results. Excited about seeing how my skin looks and feels in the next few weeks.

Anti Wrinkle Moisturiser

Best bundle ever!!!

I absolutely love all three products in this range. My skin looks brighter and healthier every morning. My hyperpigmentation has reduced dramatically and my old spots are quickly fading. The balm removes all makeup but isn’t too harsh and the face mask is really moisturising. I’ve been using the oil for a while now and it’s magical.
The only problem is that it sells out too fast.


Great addition to skin care routine.



Rose Toner

I love the Rose Toner.... its gentle on my skin and reduces redness .

Can’t recommend it enough!

I use this oil every single night before bed, after putting on my night cream. I have quite sensitive/dry skin and this oil is the perfect dose of TLC for my skin after a day in the city. I don’t know what I’d do without it!!

It smells fantastic (a gentle floral/lavender scent) and my skin is so soft and dewy in the morning. It leaves my face looking hydrated and smooth. It’s definitely helped reduce my acne scarring and doesn’t clog pores so you don’t need to worry about it giving you spots!

The first few times I used this oil, my boyfriend thought I’d put makeup on in the morning before he woke up - that’s how fantastic my skin looked!! It’s simply wonderful and a bottle lasts me about a month, so it’s well worth the price.

It can take a little while to absorb but to be honest I don’t find it to be a problem; just wait a few minutes before putting your face on your pillow.

Overall, a fantastic product that I would recommend to anyone, particularly to anyone wanting to reduce scarring or soothe sensitive skin.

BeBareFaced Vitamin C & E Oil

As a 50 something my daughter recommended this oil .. it has toned down redness on my cheeks and left my skin looking a lot brighter. I also use the Rose Toner which is great also!

Second Purchase

This is the second bottle I’ve bought, I’ve had some dry skin issues recently and this really helps get rid of dry flakey patches when used under my moisturiser!

Brilliant moisturizer.

I love this moisturizer very good at moisturizing,my skin is super sensitive so happy I found this.

lovely cleanser.

This cleanser is absolutely amazing I have extremely sensitive skin and this is so gentle but effective.

Oil review

The oil goes on beautifully and is very hydrating! Used for 3 days and no allergic reaction!